Aaraa Have Booked For Another Movie as heroine

ARA spokesman turaippanti daughter cinema people. Hero, heroine

Whenever you consider acting in small roles sister 'Paisa' film became the hero. The poor woman pretending to be a acclaimed first film Chennai. 'Paisa watching his performances in films such opportunities.

Now he 'Beppe' oppantamakiyirukkirar cast in the film as heroine. Arvind Vijay debut as the new face of the hero. Besides Iman Knoll, tevipiriya, rice and others Siva cast. Jiarrajtev vicikukanatan assistant directing. Gene Samuel music sets, jikeravikumar olappativu doing.

Tenkasi Tenkasi Billa as a villain in the promotional magazine for ten years in the region, has a leading newspaper. This new promotional magazine totankupavarkalai manipulating them in some way stops. Details of how this unknown man carrying a magazine Tenkasi district victory of his career and how all the obstacles that perukiran Love, who actively participated in the comedy film "Beppe".

South Kasi, Tirunelveli, gully Kuricci, Courtallam, Kodaikanal shooting held areas, "says the director rajtev.

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