'Antha Kuil Nee Thana 'Movie Shows illegal Relationship

Making the film alongside newcomers 'in antha Kuil Nee Thana.' Ponnu Why kuncayyappan on behalf Films, Raj made. Sagar newcomers, fame Krishna, Shreya Jose, Salem kunnat the cast. Cinematography is by Ravi Ranjit, kirusnapiracat Tuareg music sets. Joss is directing the story of Stella and Stanley kanakam.

"Archaeological research cankarpala, an ancient temple in the village with his wife Anjali comes to research. Muthu is  teenaged village is a mentor to them. Tribute to the top of the muthu is born of love. Decides to betray her husband. But muttu has  love with his cousin atoll. What happens after that is the story. The film is about the consequences of any kind of abusive relationships. It will be a lesson to the wrong people, "says the director Stanley Jose.

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