Diluku duttu Giving Break to Santhanam

Young fans, with the support of everyone in the Tamil film industry in the short term lead comedy actor Santhanam climbed. Many say that there is lack of films he has been acting in films. Also waiting for his kalsittirk leading actors. That's why, even though he is superior to the hero, either.

That should keep the offspring to think too much. Why should we hirovakak others on the assumption that when the hero 'vallavanukkup Pullum film debut as hero. Next 'anymore like this, "and played the lead role in the film. However, both films did not give him a great victory.

Despite the effort, letting his hero, 'nor the money, "the man acted film. The film is being released on the 7th day after tomorrow. Today the film comedy actor Santhanam, who was a hero because "Lollu Sabha rampala directed by the director of the TV show.

"The money nor 'film about' Lollu Sabha will be the type. Santhanam has acted as the hero in the film peykalaiye facetious. Rampala film about the film's director, said, "This film will be a different picture from the usual demon films. The film certainly gave cantanattirku turning point, take him to a different level, "he says.

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