Karthika Acting On Hindi Serials

Radha is one of many actresses in the South Indian cinema rocked 1980-90. Rajini, Kamal, Vijayakanth everyone acted as the lead heroes. But ends up acting in films after marriage Radha, his heirs Karthika and Thulasi had imported in cinema. In that respect, Karthika temple after film debut opposite Jeeva, Annakodiyum, starred in squatter. Her mouth is then shelved the film deal.

Similarly, Radha's younger daughter Thulasi Nair, the film debut in Mani Ratnam sea. Yan then starred in KV. Thereafter, he will not have pictures. In this case, the absence of new patavayppukale Karthika and Thulasi Nair mumpaikke both have to go. The image of the actress first appeared in serial Karthika hesitates to go and that fate, some actresses of Hindi cinema, theater, performing both serial pointer, bought the cast seems taykulam Radha consent.

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