Nayanthara Apply Conditions To pair with Junior Heros

Nayan age ekirikkonte the market is going. Nayan, who was at the time of the film Billa sexy storm, now acting as a uruvetuttirukkirar storm. In particular, a separate one for the heroine of the film after the film starring Maya LAUNCHES Tick currently producing Sargunam litu film is starring role. Some of the stories he has heard the story and the acting.

However, Vikram, Karthik comes to acting alongside some of the famous hirokkalutanum Nayan, has now put a new kanticanai. I mean, I relatitan vijayacetupatitan hero in the film, but the film's story was maiyappatuttitan me. So, if you want to pair with junior actors must be stories centering myself. Kids have so LAUNCHES starring with actors discussing the road to the directors, the story is now in front of him have done. But Nayan's decision and the cast of them, are frustrated that we may hirovaki provisional.

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