Nayantharas New Movie Tittled Name DORA

Children's favorite cartoon character "Dora". The new film will star as the title of the same name has now Nayan. Tamil cinema actress spends LAUNCHES Number -1, is currently starring in the film with Vikram irumukan. In addition, three of the four films he has on hand, including a picture with Sivakarthigeyan.

In this case, the Director Sargunam LAUNCHES plays in the new film will be produced. Nayan Das debutant director is the primary role in the film plays the run Ramasamy. Harish blameless with him, Thambi Ramaiah play others. Vivek is Mervyn's music. While the film has been named 'Dora' was officially announced that the name of keeping the crew.

To attract everyone from children to adults, is the creation of the film's story. The film more appealing, especially to children alleged to have named Dora.

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