Rakul Preet Singh Have Conditions to LipLock Scenes

Tataiyarattakka in Tamil, puthakam , there is something a little odd rakulprit Singh acted in films. Currently Vishal tupparivalan film plays with. Moreover, the lead actress in Telugu cinema who have come to the right rakulpritcin, has made some terrific films starring Liplock scenes. But he played after muttakkatcikal lip, all the films Kiss avaraitteticcenra connarkalam linked story. In some films, in which the story is deliberately tinikkappattiruntatam the scene.

Subsequent to that, there is no objection to kissing scene in the film. But that would be necessary to view the story. There is no need for that kind of scenes and is saying that I was natikkamatten. The cause of dissatisfaction with his stories, the film director to the question that why did you kiss rakulpritcin asked . Thus, in the hope that it can be driven rakulpritcink image based on the lip kissing scene last directors have shocked to rakuls replis

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