Regina Said Why Wearing Glamour Dress At Functions

Regina casanndra in Tamil, Telugu and is now the leading actress. Now comes the occasional acting in Tamil Selva's 'nenjam marapathillai', quite apart from the maanagaram , Rajathanthiram Part 2, atarva paired 'Gemini Ganeshan rajanum spiral' is acting in films. In Andhra Pradesh, the attending public events dressed in the exotic tradition of Regina.

International Indian Film Festival held recently caused controversy in the heavy costume he was wearing. Why is wearing a sexy dress in public places, provided that the description of the Regina are:

I do not care about the critics will wear that sexy dress for ceremonies. My impression is that a distinction must wear different clothes. I'm an actress, and I am not obliged to be pretty warm. We wear the T-shirts in various theater festivals. If you wear normal clothes will go to other festivals.

Gossips criticize my clothes is just as much about me. Being denied the opportunity to say that. 3 of 4 films in Tamil and Telugu films, 7 films at the same time coming. Combined with some of the actors speak. I'm used to gossip. But my mother is upset. Please Understand Me. Regina says.

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