Samantha Nagachaithanya Marriage announce On Augest

 actor Naga Chaitanya is known that being seriously in love. The question now is when to get married. Naga Chaitanya's father, the famous actor Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, his son, his beloved, he will find that the good news had said recently.

Meanwhile, preparations had already begun before the two married vittar meeting, sources said. In December, Samantha - Naga Chaitanya's marriage to be held in this regard would be announced at the end of August, said the announcement. Junior NTR, who plays Samantha oppantamakata nothing new films in the Telugu film plays Janata garage. Piremam Naga Chaitanya has acted in the Telugu remake of the film. And Samantha - Naga Chaitanya Krishna Kalyan along directing love to act in one film.

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