Actress Amy jackson Action Role in Shankar Movie - Latest news

The more massive star in a film directed by Shankar sans big thing to find. But the image in the wake of the London actress emijakcan 2o film now has the opportunity to lead. Thus, the succession has the chance to star in two films of Amy Shankar. Also, in the movie remake of the couple who plays 2o natippattakattan emijakcan robot came first. But now he is not acting as a robot. Action is said to be cast in a lead role.

Moreover, his image is often too much filming scenes velinatukalileye Shankar, the film revolves around the maximum scenes patamakkivittar Chennai. Shooting 2o grand settled in Chennai is being filmed. This sets a dramatic battle sequence involving the emijakcan patamakkikkontirukkirarkal the past few days. The fight scene pretending to mount a month-long intensive training emijakcan apathetic now made it for him

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