Actress & Anchor Saranya Back to Tamil Cinima

PUTHIYA THALAIMURAI   Channel 4 news presenter who worked for years Saranya star. Chennai warmly welcomes you, "with a thousand kisses her and like films. Suddenly moved to London. After having been there for some months now and again returned to the small screen. News 18 channel is now enrolled to work in the press.

Currently working as a journalist is to continue to act in a movie Saranya's viruppamam, waiting for a better opportunity. "Chennai warmly welcomes international patavilakkal lot Award bought. I have a good name in the process. Friendship in the film was played. Again starring intention was absent. Currently girlfriends you acting is getting better insisting that pretend to have decided. My journalist to work without endangering the absence of good character when it comes to act. Tree duet singing around the role of ordinary heroines are not interested. I'm interested in doing good, compelling characters, "says Saranya.

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