Actress Keerthy suresh Follow on Samantha - latest news

Vijay's acting in the film, which has become the most important in his career pairava image Suresh Keerthi. By the time the film had kalcit so he did not accept any photos. Pairava act in other films after starring in the film, claiming that it was committed. Therefore, he still did not attend Already commited films  of Telugu films. Suresh Keerthi has been busy the past few months, pairava movie.

Also, now approaching the finishing off with villains collide pairava Vijay Rajahmundry fight scene filmed in the coming few chase scenes are shot. Pairava The film is shot with two duets. Having filmed three songs in a total of 5 songs for the rest of his plan to shoot two songs in Europe.
Keerthy Suresh is follow samamtha performance in theri,kathi movies to attract the audience

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