Actress Shruti Haasan latest Images

Actress, singer, composer Shruti Haasan has been eclectic. Actor Kamal Hassan - Sarika couple's eldest heir, Shruti Haasan, 1986, on January 28, was born in Chennai. Kamal Haasan's Hey Ram played a small role in the film. Then the singer and composer, and his journey to the screen began a tempo, an informal became an actress. Luck was born a Hindi film heroine. In the first film, but he did not have to. South Indian films in Hindi cinema with a bang and leave thereafter. Figure 7 is the tempo of the first tamilpatam knowledge. 3. Following the ritual films. She starred in the Tamil and Telugu Gabbar Singh, paluppu, Ramaiah vastavaiya hit films as the series became a top performer. Currently, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, has come to the right as the lead actress in three languages.



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