Actress Sunaina Clashes Kajal Agarwal in Kavalai Vendam Movie - Latest news

Jeeva, the film starring Kajal Agarwal kavalai vendam. Tikey yamirukka directed film directed by fear. Kumar is producing on behalf aresinpoteynment elret. The film is set for release on October 7. Sunaina plays an important role in this.

Sunaina a loving head of the Jeeva resttarent in Munnar. Kajal coming on holiday to Munnar avarvalai love Jeeva. Sunaina itupatuvaram actively in the work of the repellent kajalai town. Kajal, as Sunaina masses are directly collide, is a lot of scenes in the film.

Sunaina said about this: Kavalai vendam , I have worked with in the film, Jeeva sir is happy. ,kavalai vendam  I will tell the story of the film, while director tike, I have decided that this will be a starring role. Jeeva bland female role seriously and acted in courtship. The praise of fans will certainly hope that my character was perfect for me. "Sunaina says.

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