How to Have wonderful life

  1. In a daily Life all have alot of problems
  2. All are wants for good school
  3. Top college and mnc jobs and  so many
  4. But these are all not thinking we are doing same for the Your evolution times
  5. (Born Live Dead) these Are doing simultaniously
  6. We are doing same works not enjoying
  7. Four peoples says four types thats the problem
  8. The LIC Company says you have 50th age 10lacks will credited to you 
  9. But Hes age is 22
  10. Whats is that 
  11. We have living planet rouning all time but it have destroyed 
  12. and we die for any time so keep enjoy dont think a next second
  13. Just enjoy what you think do 
  14. Other wise you have a serious problems like 
  15. Leg damage ,hand damage ,eye not cleared vision etc
  16. Just Suicide your self Its a better way 
  17. Get Real Independence Day

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