Made with 40 artists Fight Song Tamil movie

Dancers generally used for the songs. With 40 fights artists have created a song for the first time. Directed by Balu Mahendra's assistant Dreamspace The song features in the film Tanda mistake. This image was produced, starring newcomers catyamurtti. Evinot is handling the camera, cinematography by Naren Balakumar.

Dreamspace said about the director: Danda our mistake shooting the movie without any time delay and we have successfully completed. Of course I could not have done this thing alone. This served as the backbone of producers, technicians, fellow actors and I thank the whole crew.

Tuplikka tomari also completed filming us are the ones with the song, so far, not a single specialist in Tamil cinema is in this song. Some four stunt performers in porutccela completely unique proposition with this song because we filmed that special. Tech jobs are now enriching the image. We're planning to release it in October, "says the director Dreamspace.

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