Nayanthara , Trisha Who Gets High Salary

Importance to the heroine role in making the choice, and receiving high salaries, actresses Nayanthara, Trisha, in between, there is heavy competition. Love was grieved, and then come back to cinema actresses Nayanthara and Trisha. Besides the dancing duet with the heroine, heroine roles in importance, select the cast.

Nayan, Thani oruvan, Maya, nanum  rowdy than , continued to hit shots, wages, has increased to Rs 2 crore.

Trisha Yennai arinthaal the following image, the heroine, is starring in films Mohini. Elavarasan  will direct the new film, has become committees. Who plays five roles, TNS, has spoken of a 1 crore  salary. Selection of the story, in terms of getting a higher salary, LAUNCHES - There is fierce competition between Trisha.

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