Shruti Hassan Asking 2 Crore on Kannada movie

The '7 Sense' heroine has made a mark for her in the Indian film industry. Apart from being the daughter of the 'World Hero' actor, she has shown her talents in many regional languages.

During her entry, she got into the path of glamour which helped her well. The glamorous roles certainly helped her get a number of roles and that's how she became a part of films in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. The talented actress doesn't need much help when it comes to talking about salary too it seems.

The actress, is not only a sought after heroine, she's also accepting item numbers if the makers are ready to pay the amount she demands. That's how a Karnataka film maker approached the heroine and is now shocked by the price she mentioned.

Usually, the actress charges 1 crore for such a song but for this particular film, she has asked for 2 crores. It was believed that the expensive price tag was because of the fact that the film's hero is the son of the neighbouring state's Chief Minister, but that's apparently not the reason.

The reason is that the hero isn't a well known star and hence the demand for 2 crores. Now the makers are left with no other option but to go for another heroine and it's expected to be the 'Durai' heroine. 

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