Vijay angered To Sanghavi

Ajith's film debut 'Amaravathi' film debut as a heroine Sanghavi. Vijay, a 'fan', 'Vishnu', 'Coimbatore maple' has appeared in films including. With Rajini 'Baba', with Kamal 'pancatantiram' acted in movies including minor characterizations. Currently camuttirakani paired 'kolanci' re-entry, has been the heroines in the film.

In this case, in a recent interview Sanghavi Vijay sharing the risks across an incident has angered upon.

General Vijay studios know that not only the public festivals, damn clam. Sanghavi surprise everyone has said that such a very angry man.

However, he says that it appeared in the Vijay starrer 'Vishnu', the film directed by SA Chandrasekhar and his father. Starred in the film, and I filmed the scene Vijay bathing in cold water.

Both of which are very cold water tayankinom jump. But, SA would jump at me a reply at length, I jumped in the water. But Vijay was not only the heel.

Immediately eseci Watching Vijay sir, how dare jump to that girl. Why would you not do it strongly scolded him. Then flick a glance at me angrily. If I ever said that I will never forget that sight.

The re-entry would have hiroyin Sanghavi 'kolanci' film portrays a mother of two children.

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