Adhe kankal Thriller Movie First look posters

Ravichandran , AC tirilokacantar movement, which appeared in the 1960 suspense thriller starring movie Kanchana 'Athe kankal'. Atepeyar is preparing a film now. Kalaiyarasan in which the hero and heroine of the play Neduchalai 'sivata' . Janani Besides, the main character acting in Bala Saravanan. Roach's new Venkatesan directing, music, sets, and cinematography is Ravivarman Neelamegam. Pizza, sootukavvum c.v kumar including successful small-budget films produced, is produced at its tirukkumaran Entertainment banner.

First Look Poster of the film was released. In the context of the eyes Kalaiyarasan, sivata, as being the ultimate film Janani said.

The story of the film, the 'same' Athe Kankal picture bears no relation. The only similarity is that both the thriller story. The story of a man in the eye and it was important, too is true. That's why we use that title had already crew.

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