Aiswarya Rajesh Is Pair To Arya On new movie

 Aishwarya  rajesh starrer 'tarmaturai' kttrame Dhandanai  'images in succession, so  starring Aishwarya Rajesh' paranthu sellava ',' kattappavai kanom  'mupparimanam' are the three films released in the space of a few weeks. Happy with the number of his films in succession, Aishwarya Rajesh  now has another joy.

Currently 'Gemini Ganeshan curulirajanum' and 'jomonte Gospels' Malayalam film starring Aishwarya Rajesh will be cast in the film directed by Aamir. Arya is the hero in this film. Arya Bala acted in the wake of the movement is to act in the direction of his disciple Amir.

Another heroine in the film as a heroine Aishwarya Rajesh 'Pichaikaran ', there is information to be cast in the film starring Satna, Titus. Satna, recently had a secret wedding suppliers. So, the answer he had been searching for a message of another heroine

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