Baahubali-2 Distribution Rights selled to 50 Crore

The second part of the film, which has garnered a massive hit Baakupali touched the ceiling of expectations. Director rajamauli movement Prabhas, Rana, Sathyaraj , Nasser, Ramya Krishnan, Anushka, Tamanna and others the second part of the film starring pakupali pakupali: is brewing in the name of the Conkulucan. In April 2017, planning to bring to the screen the film crew will complete filming in ticamapar.

In this case, for the distribution rights of the film competition launched Baakupali -2. Only part of the film's distribution rights Nizam Baakupali -2 Rs 46 - Rs 50 crore spoken  price. Asian theater company Rs 50 crore to buy the distribution rights for Nizam area embarked on a serious effort. Grossed Rs 45 crore in Nizam area Baakupali movies. The film's success led to great expectations Baakupali pakupali 2 film. Rs 300 to Rs 400 crore in the world will be on sale until the shooting site of the film, according to reports. Man Prabhas's birth anniversary on October 22 Baakupali -2 bust of the film crew Luke Foster announced to be released on October 23 Making Video.

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