Madusree is Heroine on New movie

Attakkatti, ettuthikkum madhayanai kootam minor characters in several films, including the matayanai Madhushree, was staged. Currently 'puyala varrom' through the film to become the heroine

This photo is paired tamankumar Madhushree. In the village school, which read plus 2 Tutorial College in fail Town plays the girl in the study. So when it comes to study  tamankumar love with the cable, and then marking the villains tamankumarai apprehend him. The songs performed with bravery in Ooty hills.

Cable TV The story of the struggle between the operator and the local politician. Manohar R.N.R acted as a politician. Vivijay Cinematography, Charles Dana .. jiarumukam driver has scored the music.

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