Nayanthara Fun With Imaika Nodikal Comedians

Irumukan Movie After kasmora, Dora, is starring in several films as "imaikka nodikal "LAUNCHES . Maya Fame horror film in which the story plays Dora. Many come to the stunning scenes Acting Nayanthara. Nayan's aggressive performance in a way that will keep fans say are disturbing. The film is produced by Drive director Sargunam Das Ramasamy.

Moreover, this stunning spot was acting in a very lively ghost LAUNCHES reacted nayan. In particular, when it comes to on the set Lam munpel LAUNCHES peace will emerge, in contrast to what follows now looks lively. In addition, some of the comedian who has acted in the film is often used to fun to comidians. In that respect, the artist and their respect to Junior artists. Nayantara gets good name to all aritists

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