Keep respect To farmers

Does Any One Will say why we live in this earth .

Yes …….. thse Answer is No .

Then why we live
We doing same thing Again and Again.
Born       >                                       Live               >                Dead                               

M+F = N
Yes this The Formula Male + Female  = New one

That’s the thing We doing for Earning  
We All want
Ø Best School
Ø Best College
Ø Mnc jobs
Ø Best Bike
Ø Best Mobile
Ø Best home
Ø Bank balance
But Human Needs is Never end .

Yes this is Real .  We all Same blood only that’s we live .
Not have Gold or diamond in our body to live.

That’s Are utilities . First thing basic need in human .

The human Needs  is

                               I.            Food
                             II.            Living Place
                          III.            Clothes ( for human only )

Yes this is only things to live . But we Don’t make respect to farmers.

First of all mind this

Ø The mobile and computers Are Never makes Your Food At Any Time.
Ø You’re a billinor  Or You have a Lot of money.
Ø But The farmer only makes Your and Our and All Foods .

So Keep respect to farmers .
And Don’t Cheat to food For Anyone .

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