Maaveeran Kittu Movie Review

Maaveeran Kittu Movie Review

Cast : Vishnu Vishal , Sridivya , Soori.
Storey : Upper Caste And Lower Caste Problem
Direction : Suseendran


Upper caste and lower caste division that was at its height in the 80s, the film starts. If someone dies in the city, and the lower-caste, the state should not be brought into the town, Parthiban is fighting against this.

He excelled scholastically from Vishnu belonged to the nation, seeking to become the District Collector.

But a few deliberate plot to arrest him in a murder case, is out on bail after. Harris followed it polisana blameless, Vishnu beats a problem, go into the jail.

Then Vishnu mayamakirar, where he begins to search for the whole village. Parttipa not work if there is no longer silent, his fight, eventually kitaittara come easily? Parthiban win the fight? Mitikkatai that.
Analysis of the image

The former has assumed the character's name, one of the most majestic warrior come easily. Go a little perplexed at the beginning of the story, as well as simple to hook and drag performance.

Parttipa might be the first hero of the film. He speaks with the voice of the oppressed people to fly with verses whistle, 'vankikkolkinrom beat beat, beat back timirunnu saying,' do not ask me to act against the law, but here are against the law for us, such as appeals to scripture.

The film is like a walk in the 80s. Enjoy placed in appropriate katciyamaip. In particular, information claim that the death of MGR, homage to the spread of education in the state to continue to enjoy the many sights.

Revolution, struggle, many thought that the film would give takkumentri Peel position as commercial as possible and try to satisfy all have atiyansaiyum. Is demand in the second half, though the lyrics?

Tiiman songs kalakkiyullar than background music. The music will continue to melt, especially kilaimeks. Cinematography goes to pick up in the 80s.

The film's plot, Parthiban, Vishnu's realistic acting.

How filmed kilaimeks and associate associate songs.

In this image of what Suri, perhaps because of the director's name, purchased just pretending?

Looking for Love in the time of the explosion in the second half of the song?

In total, the campaign has been successful come easily.

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