Nayanthara fan Attended Suicide for without make up

Prabhu is Nayanthars big fan . he spend time in nayanthars movie
Release on the time cut outs . free foods for nayans movie releasing.
He is palakodu kerala. He want to see live the actress nayanthara .at one time of his life.
His expected time on nayanthara is coming for college  festival in kearla.
So prabhu coming on  nayantharas stayed hotel. At morning 3.00 clock .
Nayanthara comed on hotel . prabhu stopped a car . so nayanthara angered and come out of car . hotel security sayed his big fan of you and his comed on moring 3 ‘O clock .  So prabhu allowed to see nayan .
But she have without makeup . Prabhu is so feared and suicide attended suddenly .
After his mom adviced to recovered now he changed to another actress fan.

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