How to earn Money using facebook

Today we seeing on how to earn money using facebook.

Facebook is a Large Social media it have 1billion daily using accounts.
So Total population 7 of 1 have facebook account.


1.    Facebook account .
2.    A fan page With 3000 likes .
3.    Friends with 2000 min friends
4.    A group with 1000+ members


 Affiliate :

1.    Sign up with amazon , ebay , flipkart and more e commerce stores.

2.    Then get the banners to implement to your facebook page .

3.    Get Every sale to get 100$- 180$ per week.

Product promotions

1.    Some of ad networks get paid using facebook and some social networks.

2.    Adsterra like using on this method

3.    You have 5000+ fan page of facebook.

4.    Companys providing ads on your page .

5.    Get paid for every impression of your Ad .

6.    I get to this trick to 160$ per week .


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