How to Get Saved Passwords In Browsers

In the time of everyone using internet and transfering the personal details . at the same time we want to safe the personal data from web attackers .
So we want to see how to show the saved passwords and protect to them from others .

Firefox Browser

The most used second  browser in internet . 

 Show Password
Go to options page

Select the Security tab

Then you see a Saved Login button click it

Now Saved login Dialogue box appear

Then click to Show passwords button

Now Show on all your web page passwords visible to you
Hide password
Go to options then security tab

See the Use a master password tick

Enter the password to two times

Now without master password others will not see your passwords

Chrome and Opera

Highly Use Worlds no 1 Browser is chrome  but opera has same extensions to the google chrome . 

Go to Setting Option

Then select the Privacy and security tab

You see a Manage saved passwords button click it
See a Passwords dialogue box

Select which webpage passwords to show

You must enter System admin password to show them

That’s it .
Final Words
Its better to avoid remember password option  in public wifi’s and browsing centers .
They are catching your personal datas for business purpose . Only use remember password in your personal computers

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