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We see on this article How to choose a best anitivirus programme . to protect your PC .



> Avira

> Norton

> Avast

> Kaspersky 

 > AVG

This are commonly used .The more ever 1000 of antivirus programmes is available .  but you can choose suitable antivius on your system

Avira (home and personal users)

              > suitable for home users and personal users
> use patched programmes like cracked softwares etc
> not suitable for shortcut virus
> automatically clean for defected files

Norton (Enterprises)

               > Best for multiple system users
               > also use for home users
               > but not most used in india
              > Enterprise and small organization is suitable for best .

Avast (Shortcut virus)

>we looked last 7 years it’s a worst antivirus programme
> only voice commands to intract the users
> but not detect any of afftected files
> only detect shortcut virus programme
> we said to avoid it using this one

Kaspersky (Premium users)

>The best antivirus ever in the world
> Suitable for all users
> but not use any cracked or patched files.
>Kaspersky automatically scan and cleaned to all cracked files without notification
> using all buyed software users will using it better .

We Suggest

>We are collected the whole survey most users using patched files
> in statistics of 73% of Microsoft office users using Patched programmes
> So We suggest to Kaspersky is not better for this users
> but avira is liked for 87% of users
> nor more updates and better to internet protection .

 Final Words

Suggesting on avira is better to others  keep well shortcut viruses is not protected by avira.  Use a shortvirus remover with avira to protect all viruses .  generally all Operating system has own firewall protection .  To avoid Allowing popup and popads To your system its not affected to any of virus.

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