Best Movies of Tamil cinema List

  • Baahubali : The Conclusion [April 2017] -
A riveting conclusion to a decent first installment,the way some of the scenes were staged was brilliant especially the intermission and the Kattappa - Baahubali scenes.Deft screenplay,apt casting supported by some rich visuals,grand soundtrack and some amazing direction overcomes some tacky CG and a few over the top stunts to make this a memorable and a wholesome movie experience in a very long time.
  • Maragadha Naanayam [June 2017] -
A cursed emerald and two petty smugglers with the help of ghosts go in search of it to provide us a quirky comedy that works pretty well with some innovative characterization.While it has some flaws it’s way better than our usual horror comedy mishaps.
  • Uru [June 2017] -
A struggling writer in a bid to get back his writing mojo goes to secluded hill station to start of with his new novel , what follows is a few bizzare turn of events which leads to a climax that leaves us stumped.With just half a dozen characters and a run time of less than two hours the director gives us a solid psychological thriller.
  • Vikram Vedha [July 2017] -
An honest upright policeman and his team versus an evil minded thug and his gang, at-least that’s how the policeman thinks at the beginning.What follows is a good vs evil battle where we come to realize that everyone lies somewhere in-between.The character arcs are so well defined coupled with a solid story and an intriguing screenplay Vikarm and Vedha gives us a memorable film.
  • Kurangu Bommai [September 2017]-
A crime thriller that keeps moving back and forth with a neatly woven screenplay interlaced with solid emotions and apt casting. Bharthiraja gives us an unforgettable movie as an actor this time.A solid outing by the debutant director.
  • Thuparivaalan [September 2017] -
What if Sherlock Holmes is from namma Madras ? A desi Holmes with his desi Watson goes after a mysterious death of a pet.Soon it leads to a serious of clues which changes the entire scape and catapults it to a mystery thriller. The action blocks are brilliantly choreographed[The one in the Chinese restaurant is a scream].Another inspired movie from the director and Vishal pulls off the character without looking odd.
  • Meyaadha Maan [October 2017] -
A fun filled slightly overstretched romantic comedy that works pretty well.Casting of both the female leads works like a charm especially the hero's sister.The Tamil speaking,Tamil looking female leads is a refreshing change and brings much needed authenticity to the characters.A typical story,a typical hero and a typical ending but what makes it fun is the characters around which the movie travels.
  • Aval [November 2017] -
An eerie,atmospheric horror film that stays true to the genre.It almost has all the cliches associated with horror genre but what makes it work is the technical finesse especially the sound design and camera work(some of the lighting stays with you long after you have left the theaters) which doesn't let the eerie feeling drop even for a second.The screenplay is smart as it does provide jump scares and a brilliantly staged pre intermission.Overall a welcome change from the mad cap horror comedies we are subjected to. It's there to scare you and does so with aplomb.
  • Aramm [November 2017] -
A straight forward hard hitting social drama that leaves a lump in your throat in many of the scenes. Gopi Nainar makes a film that's raw,to the point,dialogue heavy (sometimes preachy) emotional drama but at the same time gives us an edge of the seat thriller.The intensity of the film never slags off culminating into a climax that leaves you perturbed.Every single character from the collector(played by Nayanthara - her best film till date) to the unseen scientist whom the others just talk about stays in your mind.Overall Aramm addresses an often neglected issue with relevant questions to the government and not just for the sake of it as we are so used to seeing in star studded vehicles.
  • Theeran Adhigaram Ondru [November 2017] -
An extremely well researched edge of the seat cop story that keeps us hooked for almost three hours except for the stereotypical romance part.This is one solid investigative thriller which keeps upping the ante with stunning action blocks and realistic yet thrill a minute turn of events. Based on the Bawaria dacoits and their ruthless murders during the turn of the millennium the movie shows us the hardships and practical difficulties faced during an investigation and also exhaustively covers the same.A top notch investigative thriller.
P.S - Films like Lens,Rangoon,Taramani,Aruvi and Maayavan were also critically acclaimed unanimously but did not include them as I have not watched them.
  • Other films this year which were good but did not do enough to make the above list for me -
  1. Adhe Kangal
  2. Bogan
  3. Kuttram 23
  4. 8 Thotakkal
  5. Pa Paandi
  6. Ivan Thanthiran
  7. Magalir Mattum
  8. Mersal
  • Biggest Disappointments -
  1. Bairavaa
  2. Kavan
  3. Kaatru Veliyidai
  4. VIP 2
  5. Vivegam
  6. Spyder

Kurangu Bommai
8 Thottakkal
Vikram Vedha
Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu
Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru

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