Naachiyar Movie Leaked to Social media

Naachiyaar is a 2018 Tamil action drama film written, produced and directed by Bala. The film featured Jyothika in the titular role, with G. V. Prakash Kumar and Ivana in other leading roles

But movie leaked to online .   every time the main oppnent ' torrent'  is leaked first in online

After more sites like tamilrockers and tnrockers more streaming sites also included for this 

Now theaters also have doing this for .   Viewers are recording the movie clips on their mobile phone 

Then uploaded to their facebook page so everyone knows to what is the concept and movie climax also 

Then how can go and watch on theaters  .  

Tamilrockers is leaked the movie but watchers is 50,000 per day only

Facebook leaks reaching millions of people 

So first restrict to social media facebook leaks . to lose the viewers.

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