Which film industry is best, Tamil or Telugu

Is there is a most trendful for Top of Third Biggest film industry is tamil cinema industry .
hollywood , Bollywood after  kollywood is a toppest cinema industry .

Tamil Film Industry 


     Its a Starting stage of over rajinikanth and kamal hassan are big legends of tamil cinema .  but those are says telugu cinema baahubali is big trend of telugu cinema .

But know this first  

Kattappa  ( sathyaraj - tamil cinema)
sivakamai devi - (ramya krishnan - tamil cinema ).

So The lead charactors also in tamil cinema .   Telugu cinema is only market for andra pradesh.

The tamil celebrities like surya and karthick movies are most liked in telugu cinema .
But Telugu superstar Maheshbabu   Movie "spider" Is Falilure in tamil Nadu .

At the same time Tamil movie Pichaikaran is Mega Hit in telugu cinema .

Now tamil movies budgets are 200crore and 500 crore for mega budget easily .

But telugu cinema is maken may be yearly once to make like a baahubali movies  thats it .

So Tamil cinema is best For compared to Telugu cinema  .

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